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I can't log into the internet, which is provided by WCOCH.  What can I do?

Most of our properties come with courtesy WIFI. Please note if you live in an apartment complex with us, you are allowed to access any network provided by WCOCH depending on where you live. Should you have trouble connecting, please make sure you are entering the correct passcode. 

How do I pay my rent?

Rent is due on the 1st of every month without demand. It is considered late and subject to a 10% late fee if not received by the end of the day on the 3rd.
Your rent may be paid by: check, money order or certified bank check (made payable to WCOCH.) Checks may be dropped at the office (327 S. High St.) during business hours or in the locked drop box in the office door.  Rent may be mailed to 327 S. High St., West Chester Pa 19382. 
WCOCH has an online payment option available. Tenants can individually remit payment via TWA - Tenant Web Access at https://wcoch.twa.rentmanager.com If you do not have your account #, please contact the office at 610-696-7984 or office@wcoch.com to obtain your log-in information.
Online payment convenience fees apply. ACH or bank transfers are $2/transaction and credit card fees are 3% of the amount charged. These are fees assessed by our online payment provider. Details on the provider's privacy policy can be found at https://www.gozego.com/privacy-policy/

I am interested in renting a property from WCOCH, what is the process?

    1. Take a look at our website for all available units.

    2. Contact the office to schudule a tour

    3. If the group is interested in a unit, please contact the office.

-The applications will be sent to prospective tenants via Tenant Web Access (TWA) 
-All residents must apply.     
-$150.00 Application fee is non-refundable. Paying via the TWA online portal will result in a small transaction fee collected by the payment provider.  Current WCOCH residents, application fee is waived. 
-An application fee is not a security deposit and is non transferable/non-refundable.
-An application will not “hold” a unit unless ALL applications are turned in with application fees, and gov't issued photo ID.

    4. Failure to complete the lease within 7 days after being electronically sent, will result in losing the unit.

How do I set up auto-payment for my rent?

On the Payments tab, click "Enabling Autopay" and follow the prompts. Please set it to "specific amount" and enter the amount of your monthly rent (including water/sewer/trash/recycling). Please do not use "total balance due" as it will not draft the correct amount.

Can I prepay my rent?

Yes, you can prepay your rent. If you choose this option, please remit via check made payable to "WCOCH" in the amount of your rent payment multiplied by the number of "payments" you wish to prepay. Deliver or mail it to the office at 327 S. High St. West Chester PA 19382. Enclose a note or indicate on the check the number of payments and unit number. Checks can be dropped by the office at 327 S. High St. during business hours or dropped in the office door secured lock box in the door.
Please do not prepay rent through the Tenant Web Access.

Can I use a 529 PLAN to for the student housing.

Many of our residents use their 529 Plan to pay for their student rental. Please consult your 529 provider for specifics of what they require for disbursement (such as completed Lease copy)  The office can provide further documentation if needed. Email: office@wcoch.com

I currently rent from WCOCH and would like to renew.  What is the process?

In the Fall each year,we send out a letter asking for your group’s intention to renew. As a WCOCH resident, you are also given the opportunity to lease a different apartment or house during our renewal period prior to available units being released to the general public. October is renewal month. Please contact our office for more information. 

Do I have to be a WCU student to rent from WCOCH?

No. You may be a student at any university. Also, there are a select number of housing options available for recent graduates. Please contact our office for details.

I have signed onto a lease, but I need to be removed.  What is the process?

For more information, please consult your lease section #17 and then contact our office. There will be additional paperwork that needs to be filled out. You are still contractually obligated to the lease and your group until a replacement has been found and a new lease is executed. Rent payment is still due each month until a NEW LEASE is COMPLETED to replace yours.

We will help you through the procedure and forward any prospective replacements from our backup list to your roommates.

Viable replacement(s) must be accepted by the roommate(s) in order to sign a new lease. Once an acceptable replacement is found they must view the apartment, replacement tenant and parent/financial co-guarantor read the lease, replacement tenant must submit an application, and then sign the required paperwork/lease.  To assist with out of town prospects, we can email the lease for electronic signatures via "Docu-sign".

I am a resident of WCOCH and would like a street parking pass.  How Can I get a permit?

The Borough of West Chester distributes parking permits for ON-street parking. You must have at least 2 proofs of residency (a copy of your lease, a utility bill, proof of renter's insurance). You must also have a valid driver’s license, car registration, and proof of insurance. The address for the Borough building is 401 E. Gay St, West Chester, PA, 19380 but due to Covid they are limiting permits to online only. For more information, please visit their website http://www.west-chester.com/173/Residential-Permit-Parking-Program 

I am NOT a PA resident, what are my options for getting an on-street parking permit?.

If you are NOT a PA resident, the Borough of West Chester will only issue you a parking permit for the parking "Area C". This area surrounds the streets of the university. Please ask the Borough Parking Authority for more information. The Borough offices are located at 401 East Gay St. WCOCH also has a limited number of parking spaces for lease.

WCOCH does provide some off street parking spots to most of our CURRENT WCOCH residents. We also have a few additional parking spots that our WCOCH residents may lease for the same time frame as their residential WCOCH Lease. Please contact our office for additional details. 

I see that your lease requires tenants to purchase a renter's insurance. Can you explain what needs to be covered, and how to obtain this insurance?

It is normal business practice for a property owner to require the tenant to purchase renter's insurance. A renter's insurance policy is very simple to obtain, and relatively inexpensive. As per the lease, WCOCH residents are required to have their own policy.

As a tenant of WCOCH, you are required to purchase and maintain renter's and personal liability insurance coverage. You may purchase insurance from any reputable fire and liability insurance company with an AM Best rating of A-VII or better, licensed to do business in the State of Pennsylvania, and will write the policy as required by your lease (lease pg. 16). Examples of such companies include: State Farm Insurance, Erie Insurance, (subject to change at businesses discretion.)  State Farm agent Henry Nace (610)696-5999, can have the policy completed in approximately 5 minutes and faxed directly to our office. Call during business hours for the best service & rates!

Policies differ from company to company and we recommend you receive multiple price quotes. You are able to list TWO of the tenants of the residence under one policy. This will keep costs down dramatically. Your policy must have YOUR name(s) (NOT YOUR PARENTS), unit address/#, a minimum personal liability coverage of $300,000, and WCOCH listed as "additional INSURED." (for section II only)

Upon MOVE-IN* day, you will be required to provide proof of renter's insurance. You may forward a copy to the office ahead of time to be better prepared for a quicker CHECK-IN.  Correct insurance will enable you to recieve your keys.  *If your move in date is scheduled earlier than your lease start date, your renter's insurance policy must BEGIN on or before the MOVE-IN date.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office for further information. (610)696-7984  We are happy to assist you.

Moving in - How to prepare

1. Contact PECO for a "name" change of service to begin May 16th.  

2. Setup your Renters Insurance as per your lease. Start date must be your group's assigned CHECK-IN date. (NOTE: It may not be the start date of your lease if you are permitted to move in early.)

3. Determine who will be checking in and delivering the ONE CHECK.

4. Respond to the office "CHECK-IN" email of your complex/unit assigned date/time. Who is checking in & cell phone number.


Moving out - what to do?

1. Contact PECO to arrange to end your service on May 16th.

2. Contact your renters insurance agent to end your policy on the last day of your lease (note if you are a transition tenant with an extended lease end date. Some companies will auto renew

3. Set up mail forwarding with the US Postal Service

4. Read the CHECK-OUT guidelines, key guidelines, and cleaning guidelines which are emailed to everyone, as well as hand delivered to each apt.

5. All keys (NOT BEDROOM - put in bedroom lock) are to be returned to the office by NOON May 15th.

6. If you have funiture which is to be thrown out - pull to center of your living room and label "TRASH"  Disposal charges are listed on the partial charge sheets emailed to all (& included in your lease.) Cost will be deducted from your security deposit. Do NOT pull outside or place in dumpsters. We have limited trash capacity and must work within the Borough codes.